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Your PUSH Coach

Dec 28, 2020

The final episode of 2020 is here and we're finishing our 3-part "Best Of" series with Emily Vavra.

In this episode, Josh talks to Emily Vavra about her early beginnings in network marketing, inspiring others to take the leap, and what she'd say to somebody struggling in their business right now.

Dec 21, 2020

Today we're sharing another top episode from Your Push Coach!

In this episode, Josh talks to Chris Downing about his childhood difficulties, the moment he decided to become a fitness trainer, and how he made himself a new person with new habits & new rituals.


Chris Downing on Facebook

Chris Downing on...

Dec 14, 2020

We're digging into the archives this week to pull one of our most highly-rated episodes featuring Micah Folsom.

Josh talks to Micah Folsom about Micah's journey into business, relationships with their partners, and overcoming failure.

Dec 7, 2020

In this episode, Josh goes behind the curtain with Jessica to talk through her limiting beliefs of leadership. Josh explains the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset, the importance of continuing education, and how leadership confidence affects recruiting.

Nov 30, 2020

In this episode, Josh goes behind the curtain with Luanna to talk about her fears about what other people think and feel about her personal brand and business. Josh talks about the importance of stop thinking about what we assume people want, and instead start thinking about what people actually need. 

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